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Welcome to the Atlantis Centre of Healing Light website.

joanna driverWelcome to the Atlantis Centre of Healing Light website.

Joanna Driver is the Founder of the Atlantis Centre of Healing Light, and the Presenter, Teacher & Healer of a totally new healing system called Cingen-Ricati®.

This utilises light, sound, colour, quartz crystals singing bowls and large quartz pyramids as well as the voice to deliver Atlantean Sound Healing. This form of healing utilises the higher vibratory rates of healing light to bring about balance, harmony and a deep inner peace.

It works on every level of the individual's being.

radio lightworkerJoanna has recently appeared on the Radio Lightworker "Our Awakening" show with Elizabeth Villani.

Elizabeth is a Reiki Master, who spent a decade on the London treadmill before her own awakening in 2003. Elizabeth is an expert on positivity and is a qualified coach and Reiki Master.

Please listen to the show and let your soul awaken into greater light.

You can use the player below or download the recording (mp3 file).

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pyramid samplesJoanna has designed sets of Quartz Pyramid Crystals as part of the Cingen-Ricati® work that Joanna performs.

These will assist people in their energetic work and to move forward along their spiritual path. Full details of the crystal sets and how to order can be found on the Quartz Crystal Pyramids for sale page.

She is also a Massage Therapist, Teacher & Facilitator. Other subjects that she teaches relate to; Colour, Crystals, Sound, Guides and The Ascended Masters & Angels.

She facilitates Healer & Spiritual Development on a one-to-one basis or in small groups and delivers workshops, talks and gives demonstrations.

Joanna's mission is to provide a peaceful centre where healing, learning, and training is filled with love and light.

cd samplesShe has also created a range of CDs for your own enjoyment and to use during meditation. Full details of each CD and how to order can be found on the CDs for sale page.

bowls samples'Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls'. These beautiful bowls are now available to buy. Full details of each bowl and how to order can be found on the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for sale page.

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Contact the Centre on 01636 684907

Please call the Centre for more information, confidential advice, or to make an appointment on 01636 684907, or see our contact details page for more details.

Email: - Tel: 01636 684907 - Mob: 07973 823351
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