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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz Crystal Singing BowlsJoanna has worked with the singing bowls now for approx. 10 years and in her experience they bring a unique gift of sound to any situation to aid the healing process whether it be people, animals, distant, the Planet or even the Universe.

The bowls are made of silica quartz, in many size and note combinations and each has its own unique note/frequency. Each bowls note is often spoken of as being associated with the individual chakras. In Joanna's experience they can and do aid each chakra but they also bring their power to situations or specific physical areas, often unexpected areas receive the frequency required, not necessarily what we as the healer would expect.

As each bowl brings its own note, therefore its own frequency, it is selected by requirements or tasks for now and in the future known and some times unknown. It is a personal piece of equipment chosen generally by intuitive/higher guidance either by you or with Joanna's assistance if required.

Workshops and Training

Joanna runs workshops or can give personal and group training as necessary should you be interested. Please see workshops page or contact her via email or phone.

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