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Voice of Peace

Voice of Peace CDInspired by Spirit, Joanna's voice on this CD brings peace and harmony to individuals and to the world.

It has captured the sound vibrations and energies to uplift personal and raise global vibrations.

Listen to it in quiet contemplation and enjoy the resonance of sound as it passes through you, bathing you in love and light.

Sample track

The following sample is from the track "Love".

You can use the player below or download the sample mp3 file.


"If you are ever stressed out and need unwind, this is the CD for you. Joanna's beautiful voice brings such a feeling of peace and tranquility along with a sense of light and joy. There is an almost poignant quality in her voice which goes straight to the heart and nourishes it. If you have a feeling for music, this is a recording guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes with its' beauty."

Mary, Feb 2011

"Joanna's latest CD brings about a profound sense of peace, of restorative balance, and of personal well being. Her angelic voice reaches to the depths of the soul and you can truly feel the presence of spirit in every sound. This is a great CD to create a sense of harmony at any point in the day."

Colin, Tucson, Arizona, USA

"The beautiful voice work on Joanna's "Voice of Peace" CD takes me into tranquillity and a space of healing and reflection. Absolute Perfect Peace - amazing!"

Angie, Jan 2011

Crystal Pyramid & Perfect You

Crystal Pyramid & Perfect You CDCrystal Pyramid
This visualisation is designed to bring you to a state of deep inner peace and help you on your personal healing path. Enter in to a great crystal pyramid and bathe in the higher energies from a divine source that is administered through higher spiritual beings.
Spoken Word and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

Duration : 13mins 20secs

Perfect You
Listen to this CD and generate brighter and more vibrant energies for your self while creating your new image through positive thought. We are what we think we are because energy follows thought. So why not think the new you into being now? Generate your self some new energies, some new thoughts, some new feelings! Reap the benefits of your positive energies.
Spoken Word

Duration : 14mins 4sec

Visuals to Bowls

Visuals to Bowls CDJoanna's new and inspiring CD 'Visuals to Bowls' uplifts the spirit allowing the body's natural healing abilities to be activated. Each meditation takes you on a journey of colour and sound through the spoken word, accompanied by the melodious tones of enchanting quartz crystal singing bowls.

May you be surrounded by love and light, feel peaceful and at one with nature as you enjoy this CD.

Crystal Cave
Meander calmly through sun-dappled woodlands and flower filled meadows. Discover a cleansing waterfall and on into a sacred cave where you can experience the resonance of the healing crystals within.

Angel Wisdom
A calming, soothing visualisation helping you to contact your personal angelic guides. Relax and hand over your concerns of everyday life and receive the healing touch of angels!

Rainbow Clouds
Embark on a relaxing journey of vibrant colour as you meditate upon each chakra, balancing and energising your entire being with the healing power of the rainbow.

The Tree of Knowledge
Free your inner earth-spirit and commune with your favourite tree. Climb up into its welcoming branches, feeling safe, secure and nurtured. Spend a serene moment or two to be introduced to your spirit-totem animal guides. Quietly meditate and seek guidance on the choices facing your everyday life.

Sample track

The following sample is from the track "Angel Wisdom".

You can use the player below or download the sample mp3 file.


Inspirations CD'Inspirations' is another delightful CD by Joanna Driver, providing you with two extensive tracks.

Each track is deeply, healing and meditative, based around the unique and exquisite sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls.

Sacred Waterfall
Embark on a visualised journey through softly sun-dappled woodlands to a fresh, sparkling cleansing waterfall, allowing you and your inner spirit some quality time to commune with your spiritual guides.

Duration : 23 minutes

Pure Sound
This is crystal sound at its best!

Designed to rebalance and ground your entire energy system whilst allowing you to enter a deep state of personal relaxation. You awaken refreshed, relaxed, yet revitalised!

Duration : 32 minutes

Chakra Bowls

Chakra Bowls CDThe sound of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls is unique. Each note resonates with every atom of your being. Creating a natural healing state, the sounds bring about balance and harmony to the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

In this, her third CD, Joanna uses the pure, exquisite, and unique sounds of the Quartz Singing Bowls to provide you with the necessary tools to promote inner personal healing and growth.

You may choose to listen to the whole CD for relaxation and healing purposes, or select an individual track depending on your situation. For those who are aware of an imbalance in a particular chakra or area, you may find selecting an individual track to be very beneficial.

Please spend time after listening to this CD to ground yourself, ensuring you are back in your physical body (not light headed), and fully aware before returning to any type or work. Tracks 2 or 3 are ideal for this.

  • Track 1: Introduction
  • Track 2: Root chakra, Note Lower B
  • Track 3: Base chakra, Note C
  • Track 4: Sacral chakra, Note D
  • Track 5: Solar Plexus chakra, Note E
  • Track 6: Heart chakra, Note F
  • Track 7: Throat chakra, Note G
  • Track 8: Third Eye chakra, Note A
  • Track 9: Crown chakra, Note B
  • Track 10: Eighth chakra, Note Upper C

Sample track

The following sample is from Track 6: Heart chakra.

You can use the player below or download the sample mp3 file.

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"Chakra Bowls CD - Wonderfully healing and relaxing. Resonates greatly with spirit, ensuring well being."


I have two of Joanna's CD's - Inspirations - and the more recent one - Crystal Pyramid & Perfect You.

Inspirations - A beautiful CD that takes me on an amazing visual journey, away from the pressures of everyday life, helping with my spiritual growth. The amazing sound of the Quartz Crystal singing bowls relaxing every part of me allowing the healing to begin...beautiful.

My German Shepherd dog of 13 years loved this CD, it helped him through the last days of his life, giving him deep relaxation and healing. You could see how much better he felt, moving more easily and so happy with himself!

Crystal Pyramid & Perfect You - here again you have another beautiful CD which I have really enjoyed, again helping me with my own healing, positive thoughts and spiritual growth. A great help in my personal development.

Angela - September 2007

"When listening to the CD, I found it easy to visualise the images and places that I was being taken to. The sounds the bowls made vibrated through me and I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my body.

I found this CD to be more therapeutic and enjoyable than many others relaxation tapes and CDs that I had listened to in the past. I felt very peaceful afterwards. It's the best CD I've got."


"I find the quartz crystal singing bowls incredibly relaxing, and Joanna's voice being soft and gentle complement them beautifully on the CD. I always feel totally calm but also energized after I have listened to it.

Every time I play the CD my cats are attracted to me like a magnet - they obviously love it too! It is definitely my number one choice of relaxation CD and I would thoroughly recommend it."


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