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Cingen-Ricati® (Atlantis Sound Healing)

Cingen-Ricati® is an ancient form of sound healing being brought forward, by Joanna at this time, as the energies of the Earth and the human race are now shifting rapidly and we are ready for this transformational gift.

Joanna has been using this energy system for numerous years and her role is to bring the many benefits of Cingen-Ricati® to those who are in need as well as share its knowledge with those who are ready to work with the new harmonic connections.

The tools include; quartz pyramids, quartz crystal singing bowls, crystals and the voice (for some) and this work can and does show its many aspects, some of which include;

  • Pure vibrational sound
  • It takes vibrational healing to the next level
  • Until now C-R has not yet been used on Earth since ancient times
  • Uses vibratory notes higher than definable by the human ear
  • Suitable for all including animals and Universal healing
  • Activates the 13th strand of our DNA

quartz crystal singing bowls and pyramidsThis healing and energy system is bringing deeper internal peace to many and can provide healing to the physical, mental, and emotional being, as well as a balancing of the energy system. This allows for expansion and, if the individual is ready, for the move to a higher composite frequency. It is also a valuable tool in Earth and Universal healing.

Because we and Mother Earth are vibrating to a much higher frequency, we are now ready for the benefits that this form of healing can bring.

Training in Cingen-Ricati® using the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramids is now available for those who are ready to move forwards spiritually and energetically.

If you are interested in learning more about this form of healing please view the training page and make contact with Joanna Driver via phone or email please.


Meave - September/October 2008

This was different to any other form of healing I have ever experienced. The sound from the bowls and Joanna's voice resonating through the crystal pyramids brings about an intense and powerful healing experience. The sound resonates deep, deep down bringing long-buried emotional issues to the surface. It was as if someone or something had cracked open the protective shell I had built around myself allowing all the rubbish to flow to the surface.

Angela - Several treatments received between Sept 06 - Sept 07

The Pyramid healings have given me many benefits, first of all an overall sense of calmness that helps me deal with everyday problems and to be able to think them through more clearly.

Emotionally helping me come to terms with bereavement I have suffered, and know they are still around me. A great comfort to me. With my spiritual growth it has helped with developing my awareness and understanding.

With my physical health it has helped tremendously, on first seeing Joanna I had lots of problems, after a few healings they improved and now have just about gone completely.

Mentally I am thinking more clearly, able to work things out that I couldn't before and express myself more easily, also my concentration has improved.

I will continue to visit Joanna for healing on a regular basis, it is one of the most beautiful healings I have ever experienced. Thank you Joanna!

Julia - 19th September 2006

Hi Joanna,

I just wanted to thank you again for both the treatments this weekend! I am still feeling wonderful and I slept for another 7 hours on Sunday night as well, I have been telling everyone about it as they keep asking what I am on! I know both Donna and Lucy felt great too. I hope you did really well over the weekend and that it is a great success.

I seem to have this overwhelming feeling that something wonderful has happened and that something really good is going to take place. I feel like I do when I do Reiki and everything seems brighter, more vibrant, I feel calmer, relaxed but I have more energy at the same time.

Thank you for bringing this to us, I look forward to coming over for a full treatment, Donna and Lucy have said they are looking forward to it as well and Linda said she would bring it up at the next meeting in October.

In Love and Light,


PS - It's a pity you can't bottle the feeling and sell it to everyone! It has left me with such a positive outlook I wish everyone could feel this good. XXX

Annie - 16th Sept 2006

I enjoyed it immensely, was wary as I approached of the energy and what was happening. I asked myself about it - it felt good.

You have created a very safe healing space. I got lots of pure healing: base, Sacral & 3rd Eye - big time.

It is a pure delight to have experienced and participated in the birthing of such a pure, perfect, friendly system.

Annie XXX

Pamela - A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Sessions
August/September 2002

I must make a special thank you for the healing you gave me on Friday morning, I haven't had any pain what so ever since, in my hip or spine and the most wonderful thing that has been for me, is that afterwards I had six whole days of feeling well, this was something that I haven't experienced in months, I thank you and your guides so much for this, Bless You, I will be telling other members in the local ME Group about you and the wonderful work you do.


Two weeks on:

Just a quickie to let you know that I am still pain free almost two weeks now, it was the six wonderful days I had with energy and no relapses, owing to the ME during that time.


I will send you progress reports from your healing, the pains which I am still free of, relates to an Arthritic Hip, three disc lesions in my lower spine, Cervical Spondalosis and a painful Kyphosis which is remarkable.


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