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Personal Coaching, Development & Treatments

Spiritual Counselling, Coaching and Development

Joanna's experiences of teaching workshops on; guides, crystals, angels, colour and sound, her teaching skills for professional healing courses, her energetic work, life experience and development and now the teaching of the new healing system has given her many insights into how she can help others to move forwards along their path.

If you feel you could benefit from a one on one personal development time then give Joanna a call to arrange an appointment.


Joanna Driver is a fully qualified massage therapist with over 11 years experience.

Massage is excellent for relieving stress and strain from tired tense muscles while aiding; posture, stress levels, sleep and general well being. For security reasons gentlemen are by recommendation only.


Another of Joanna's specialisms includes being a master practitioner in Cingen-Ricati® with over 5 years experience and understanding with pyramids and 12 years experience of sound generally as related to this new energy system using the bowls, voice, crystals and pyramids.

If you wish to receive a Cingen-Ricati® treatment then do give Joanna a call and discuss your personal requirements. They are most beneficial for healing, clearing and the changing of energies as well as creating a greater sense of peace while assisting in personal spiritual advancement.

Email: - Tel: 01636 684907 - Mob: 07973 823351
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