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Healer Training - Courses


Students are required to attend three training days and complete a total of eight individual practice sessions (four between day one and day two, and four between day two and day three).

Training will be spaced out over approximately four to six months.

After all training days are complete, the student will be expected to complete twenty individual client case studies (each case study being from one to several sessions).

Upon completion of all criteria, students will be required to submit their client-based studies for assessment, and then to attend a final assessment day where the student will perform a practical demonstration in front of the tutor, demonstrating a sound, practical, application of healing.

Documentation & Insurance

All students will be supplied with an electronic and/or hard copy of: all the course notes and necessary forms. As part of the coursework, the student is expected to keep these up to date.

Students are expected to obtain "student" insurance while training, and on completion, "full" healer insurance.

Course Content - Day 1

  • Student Record Form
  • Client Records & Data Protection
  • Client Record Forms - Record Keeping
  • Insurance
  • CASE - Connection, Anchoring, Security & Energy
  • Breath & Meditation
  • The Act of Healing
  • Practical work

Course Content - Day 2

  • The Healing Environment
  • Client Care
  • Listening
  • Spiritual Growth & Development
  • Meridians
  • The Chakras
  • The Auric Space
  • Practical Work

Course Content - Day 3

  • Code of Conduct
  • Intuition
  • Visualisation
  • Energy Connections
  • Colour, Crystals & Sound
  • Guides & Angels
  • Practical Work

Course Completion

On completion of all training days, case studies, paperwork and attended a final assessment day the student will receive their certificate and be able to obtain full healer insurance. With full insurance in place they will be entitled to call themselves an "Energy Healer".

Should you be interested in Healer Training then please do contact Joanna.

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