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Training - Sound, Bowls & Pyramids

Training through Cingen-Ricati®

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pyramidsThis form of sound healing includes: Training and Harmonic Links, using the quartz crystal pyramids (which create inaudible sound), accompanied by high frequency quartz crystal singing bowls and the voice.

This system also uses individually selected crystals and for some the use of other sound healing tools may also be appropriate.

This exclusive training is available only to small groups providing you with individual tuition and guidance as well as an understanding of sound healing, frequency as a healing tool, and its effects on the human body. Some experience of Healing work is most beneficial.

crystalsThe training program for this unique sound healing system is undertaken over 5 separate days, spaced out over a period of time appropriate to the groups and the individual's development as well as their adjustment to the higher frequency energies used in this system.

Course Content

  • An introduction to Cingen-Ricati®
  • Your Personal Mandala and Cingen-Ricati® symbols
  • Meeting your Cingen-Ricati® Guide
  • The Voice and its use within this Healing modality
  • Crystals and their relevance to Cingen-Ricati®
  • Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and their application
  • Working with Quartz Crystal Pyramids
  • Personal Harmonic Connections to Cingen-Ricati® energies
  • Practical Work


There will be a requirement to purchase working tools, over a period of time, some of which Joanna has already sourced on your behalf and can be purchased through her as required.


Insurance is available with a reputable company for those who complete the course to certification level and who wish to give treatments in Cingen-Ricati® professionally.

Quartz Singing Bowl Training

bowls and pyramidsQuartz crystal singing bowls bring a unique crystalline clarity to sound found in no other sound tool. Their use as a healing tool has been traced back over many thousands of years, the earliest specimen found is in the Cairo museum - a blue lapis coated bowl.

Should you be interested in learning purely about Quartz Singing Bowl Training then please do contact Joanna.

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