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Renowned Visitors

The centre has had several visiting, prominent guest speakers and workshop facilitators. These include:

Workshops For 2014

Evening Talks with Ron Chapman
Thursday, 29th May, 2014, at 7.30pm - £7.50

Subject : Preparation for Advanced Healing Frequencies

Ron Chapman is an exceptional esoteric speaker and teacher visiting us from Canada and he brings with him a great understanding of energy dynamics. He will be with us for one evening only and places are limited so it is advised that you book your place early either by email or telephone 01636 684907 or 07973 823351.

Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
Directed by - Joanna Driver

Dates to be arranged, please contact Joanna for more information

With Certificate of Attendance

Sound can be a very powerful healing tool or a destructive one. We are surrounded by sound all our lives so why not come along to one of Joanna's workshops and experience the power of sound and how you can improve the quality of your life on a daily basis and for healing. Learn and experience for your self the effects sound can have. Joanna will be demonstrating the use of the voice as our first healing tool and the quartz crystal singing bowls with the latest addition, the quartz crystal pyramids. Learn about vibration and frequency and its affects on the human body and energy system.

The morning will be informative while the afternoon will be experiential. Find where your forte lies. The workshop will be limited to 8 persons. Please call to find out more or to secure a place on the next workshop.

Sound Healing Workshop Video

Joanna has recently created a video, filmed and edited by Jon von Nuding, during a Sound Healing Workshop Meditation at the Ascension School, Suffolk, October, 2009.

Guides & Angels
Directed by - Joanna Driver

Dates to be arranged, please contact Joanna for more information

Have you ever wondered what your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide looks like? How do you know when they walk alongside you? Can you sense their energy and do you know the difference between their presence and that of your Higher Self? How can you tell whether a Spirit or Angel is present and what is the difference?

This wonderful workshop Directed by Joanna Driver will help answer those questions and deepen your understanding of the Spiritual Hierarchy. You will be led on a vivid guided meditation (also called visualisation) to meet one of your Spirit or Angelic Guides. Joanna has vast experience in communicating with her own guides and is the perfect facilitator to pass this knowledge on. Time will also be spent building and improving upon the working relationship that already exists between you and those from the Higher Realms.


Ascension Workshop - Nov 2008

Just a line to say how much I enjoyed yesterday - I always enjoy your courses and certainly feel different after this one.


Ascension - Preparing for 2012, Nov 2008

A warm and welcoming gathering at Joanna's restful home. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, in particular the guided meditations.

The 'Merkabar' meditation was a powerful experience, inspiring me to use it in my own practice. An excellent workshop for people who are at a time of transition in their life.

Nell, Derbyshire

Angie - After a Talk

May I thank you again for your incredible talk. I felt really privileged to be among the first to hear your new song, and was deeply moved by it. I think all the audience were entranced too. Something special was created in that room!


Lesley - 30th July 2003

Dear Joanna

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was a lovely learning setting in your calm and beautiful home. You talk about your bowls with such love and respect, and watching you use your voice in sound healing was marvellous.

For me, from the moment you lit the frankincense I was hooked... when my own sound/voice "appeared" from somewhere deep inside it was a really special feeling and a bit shocking at the same time - where did that come from?!

I know I want to come back to you, and will ring for an appointment for healing. I will trust you and your "helpers" to choose exactly what I need! Sound, colour, "facilitating" or may be the full works!!!

Thank you again and I will be in touch.

Love Lesley.

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